Utah Energy Workforce Scholarship

Interested in a STEM course of study? Do you like making videos? If you said to either one of those, this may be the scholarship for you.

Utah Energy Workforce Scholarship


Award Amount - $5,000
Difficulty - Medium
Competition - Low


The Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development are inviting all 11th grade students throughout Utah to participate in the first year of this scholarship.  With a focus on STEM topics, this scholarship helps students to explore the different aspects of Utah’s energy sector.  Students will need to create a video that highlights energy facilities and operations, but also helps people understand the energy workforce and energy career opportunities.

Scholarship PIN: S00002     Local PIN: UT0002

Award Amount     

For scholarships will be awarded each year, each in the amount of $5,000.  One scholarship will be awarded to the top applicant in each of Utah’s four Congressional Districts.  Scholarship winners will receive award certificates in May of 2016, and will receive scholarship funds a year later in the summer preceding their first semester in college or university. Scholarship dollars may only be used at a public or private institution of higher education located in Utah.


In order to participate, students must be an 11th grade student currently enrolled at any public or private high school in the State of Utah.

Students must certify their intent to pursue a STEM course of study at a Utah Institution of higher education.

Competition Level     

Because this is a new scholarship, very little students know about it.  In addition this is a Utah only scholarship, which limits the amount of students that can apply.  Those two factors combined with the requirement to create a video make this scholarship have a very low competition level.  We highly recommend that you take the time to apply.


Videos may be submitted as early as January 1, 2016.  The videos will not be accepted any later than April 15, 2016.

How to Apply      

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