Washington Scholarships

The Frank W. Ross Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2015 by author Jason Schmidt, the Frank W. Ross Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to self-identified LGBTQ and allied students who are living in poverty and have experienced housing insecurity, homelessness, or life within the foster care system.

Dunham-Kerley Scholarship

This scholarship was dedicated to LGBTQ students who have the courage to continue living their lives despite their disabilities and misfortunes.

Daniella Altfield-Moreno Scholarship

This scholarship is meant to provide support and financial assistance to LGBTQ women of color who aim to pursue degrees in dance, education, or women’s health and have a demonstrated history of activism and/or leadership in the LGBTQ community.

The Bendiner-Morgenson Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund provides financial assistance to LGBT and Straight Ally students pursuing a career in human services, health sciences, or visual arts in a hope to enable others to feel less isolated and better able to seek a productive and happy life both personally and professionally.

Grieg Lodge Scholarship Fund

The Grieg Lodge Scholarship Fund was founded to develop and encourage the studies of the culture of Norway and the United States. This scholarship is open to any student living in Clark County, Washington.

American Indian Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship fund thrives to award aid to individuals who have achieved academic success and hold ties to an American Indian community. This scholarship is open to any resident of Washington with ties to an American Indian community who is pursuing a degree at a Washington college or university in the fall semester.

Wilbur-Ellis Company Agricultural Division Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to students who aim to pursue a four-year degree in agronomy, crop/plant/range or soil science, business/farm/landscape/nursery/ranch or turfgrass management, horticulture, general agriculture, economics, finance, agricultural policy & management, agricultural systems management, sales, and marketing, agriscience technology, biotechnology, entomology, plant pathology or soil conservation.

Friends of Alan Turing Scholarship

This particular scholarship is made for students wishing to study science, technology, engineering, or mathematics however various scholarships are available by this organization for various fields of study.

MetLife Foundation Scholarship

Funded by the Norfolk Southern Foundation through the National FFA Foundation, this scholarship provides financial assistance to students who aim to pursue a four-year degree.

Pride Foundation Scholarships

Pride Foundation’s scholarship program is guided by Brian M. Day’s legacy, focusing on essential financial resources and community support to LGBTQ of color and trans students.

Hertz Fellowship

This scholarship is provided by the Hertz Foundation for recipients that want to understand and solve human concern through knowledge of physical and engineering sciences.

Remember Your End Goal:

The career you’re seeking can determine what scholarships you may qualify for and the likelihood of securing a job after graduating. To help you understand what opportunities are out there we have done the research to find exactly what field is hiring, and how much they are willing to pay in order to fill that position.


Unique To Washington

Top Three Positions Based Off Of Hiring

Job Title: Computer software engineers, applications Counter and rental clerks Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop
Salary: $70745 $23991 $18605
# of Open Positions: 17650 16810 14280
Competition*: 2.1 2.1 1.7


Top Six Positions Based Off Of Salary

Job Title: Air traffic controllers Physical scientists Aerospace engineering and operations technicians
Salary: $114940 $84960 $78150
# of Open Positions: 410 720 330
Competition*: 2.9 2.7 5.7
Job Title: Hydrologists First-line supervisors/managers of fire fighting and prevention workers Computer software engineers, applications
Salary: $72460 $71447 $70745
# of Open Positions: 180 870 240
Competition*: 2.2 1.7 2.1

*Competition: = This row tells us which jobs are more common in Arizona, relative to the state population, compared to their popularity in every other US states. A Local Popularity Index of 1.0 matches the average across all US states; higher and lower percentages indicate the job is proportionally more or less popular here.

Washington Nationwide Stats

Top Three Positions Based Off Of Hiring

Job Title: Retail salespersons Cashiers Office clerks, general
Salary: $25986 $21584 $26428
# of Open Positions: 74830 60220 52720
Competition*: 1 1 1


Top Six Positions Based Off Of Salary

Job Title: General and operations managers Sales managers Financial managers
Salary: $106329 $103824 $87348
# of Open Positions: 15130 4760 6870
Competition*: 0.5 0.8 0.8
Job Title: Lawyers Computer software engineers, applications Management analysts
Salary: $79481 $70745 $67177
# of Open Positions: 8190 17650 7620
Competition*: 0.8 2.1 0.9

*Competition: = Unlike the Unique To Washington table above, which shows where jobs in Washington are unusually common compared to other states, the Washington Nationwide Stats table lists jobs which are the most common in raw numbers in the state.