Utah Scholarships

Veterans & Military Services

This scholarship is offered by the Veterans & Military Services office with BYU and VA. They offer this scholarship to help student veterans, dependents of veterans, guard members, and reservists in their academic career.

Blanding Campus Hovenweep Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Utah State University Eastern to help high school students financially to cover some tuition and housing costs that arise during post-secondary studies.

University of Utah Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the University of Utah to entice finalists of the National Merit Finalists to study at their university and to additionally help candidates financially.

Utah Flagship Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the University of Utah for seniors attending Utah high schools who will be entering the University of Freshmen.

Daniels Scholarship Program

The Daniels Scholarship is an exciting and challenging program that provides the opportunity to obtain a four-year college education at any accredited nonprofit college or university in the United States, complete with financial and personal support throughout the journey.

Lynn Jensen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is a tribute to Lynn Jensen who worked for the Utah State Office of Education and eventually redefined the role of Utah School Counselors. The purpose of this scholarship is to help the recipient fund their education.

U-Dream Scholarship Fund

The Educational Opportunities for Utah's Children (Ed Opps) provides this scholarship along with the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) for low-income students residing in Utah to help them in their pursuit of education.

American Gas Association Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the American Gas Association in order to help students to acquire a degree in Welding or Engineering Technology with less financial burden. This scholarship is only available to students attending Salt Lake Community College.

Daniel Fund Scholarship

Daniel's Scholars search for candidates who have 4 characteristics: Strength of character, Leadership potential, Academic performance or promise, Willingness to give back to the community, Well-rounded personality.

Bervin Hall Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students who are majoring in occupational safety, health and the environment. The society strives to advance the safety profession in order to prepare the future of our world.

Horatio Alger Utah Scholarship

This scholarship is given in order to assist high school students who have overcome great obstacles. They search for students who have proven the following their: determination, integrity and perseverance to overcoming adversity.

AGC Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

The AGC Education and Research Foundation offers students enrolled in ABET (link is external) or ACCE (link is external)-accredited construction management or construction related engineering programs undergraduate and graduate level scholarships.

Olene S Walker Scholarship

Utah foster youth, you can get up to $5,000 per year for college tuition, books, fees, supplies and living expenses -and work with a mentor who will help you succeed!

Remember Your End Goal:

The career you’re seeking can determine what scholarships you may qualify for and the likelihood of securing a job after graduating. To help you understand what opportunities are out there we have done the research to find exactly what field is hiring, and how much they are willing to pay in order to fill that position.


Unique To Utah

Top Three Positions Based Off Of Hiring

Job Title: Team assemblers Telemarketers Computer programmers
Salary: $22615 $22147 $52424
# of Open Positions: 11920 9340 5670
Competition*: 1.6 3.6 1.9


Top Six Positions Based Off Of Salary

Job Title: Pediatricians, general Psychiatrists Actuaries
Salary: $146550 $122485 $89340
# of Open Positions: 290 160 140
Competition*: 2.5 1.8 1.5
Job Title: Athletes and sports competitors Atmospheric and space scientists Natural sciences managers
Salary: $85060 $78700 $74610
# of Open Positions: 160 110 240
Competition*: 3.7 5.3 2

*Competition: = This row tells us which jobs are more common in Arizona, relative to the state population, compared to their popularity in every other US states. A Local Popularity Index of 1.0 matches the average across all US states; higher and lower percentages indicate the job is proportionally more or less popular here.

Utah Nationwide Stats

Top Three Positions Based Off Of Hiring

Job Title: Retail salespersons Cashiers Office clerks, general
Salary: $22418 $16358 $20614
# of Open Positions: 33440 24920 22000
Competition*: 1 1 1


Top Six Positions Based Off Of Salary

Job Title: Lawyers Sales managers General and operations managers
Salary: $98152 $78276 $75960
# of Open Positions: 3240 3240 11370
Competition*: 0.8 1.3 0.9
Job Title: Financial managers Computer software engineers, systems software Mechanical engineers
Salary: $73080 $69530 $66632
# of Open Positions: 3490 3740 2220
Competition*: 1 1.7 1.4

*Competition: = Unlike the Unique To Utah table above, which shows where jobs in Utah are unusually common compared to other states, the Utah Nationwide Stats table lists jobs which are the most common in raw numbers in the state.