Nevada Scholarships

Clark County Medical Society Scholarship

Clark County Medical Society Scholarship offered for freshmen, continuing sophomore, or junior students who attend Nursing field in Clark County in Nevada state to encouraging the delivery of quality health care within the community.

Patricia Sastaunik Scholarship

This award for master students who attend University of Nevada, Las Vegas with GPA 3.5 or higher, basis of documented financial need as evidenced by a student’s FAFSA application with other requirements.

UNLV Alumni Graduate Scholarship

Alumni Association Scholarships are offered for master's and specialist students who received their bachelor’s degree from UNLV and completed at least 6 graduate credits in their current degree program with required requirements.

Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award

Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award was established for creativity writing to encourage emerging artists and each qualifying literary artist should providing their outstanding work based on the submission of an unpublished manuscript in-progress.

Clark County Housing Scholarship

The Clark Scholarship offered for graduates who attended high school of Clark County in the State of Nevada, for their first semester and must meet the UNLV academic admissions standards for consideration.

Provost’s Scholarship

Provost's Scholarship was established for freshmen students at University of Nevada, Las Vegas who meet the minimum academic requirements at the end of the semester. The award issued annually and the deadline on Nov.1 each year.

University of Nevada/ Presidential scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded to new freshmen who complete their application to the University of Nevada, Reno (University) of the year preceding their fall enrollment depending on academic index and ACT and other requirement.

Bervin Hall Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students who are majoring in occupational safety, health and the environment. The society strives to advance the safety profession in order to prepare the future of our world.

Remember Your End Goal:

The career you’re seeking can determine what scholarships you may qualify for and the likelihood of securing a job after graduating. To help you understand what opportunities are out there we have done the research to find exactly what field is hiring, and how much they are willing to pay in order to fill that position.


Unique To Nevada

Top Three Positions Based Off Of Hiring

Job Title: Waiters and waitresses Gaming dealers Maids and housekeeping cleaners
Salary: $15173 $13423 $19186
# of Open Positions: 34150 21800 21670
Competition*: 1.7 39.3 3


Top Six Positions Based Off Of Salary

Job Title: Surgeons Nuclear engineers Film and video editors
Salary: $192470 $114320 $93110
# of Open Positions: 500 100 290
Competition*: 1.8 3.9 2.8
Job Title: Air traffic controllers Hydrologists Gaming managers
Salary: $92340 $78433 $78020
# of Open Positions: 180 230 240
Competition*: 2.6 5.7 33.3

*Competition: = This row tells us which jobs are more common in Arizona, relative to the state population, compared to their popularity in every other US states. A Local Popularity Index of 1.0 matches the average across all US states; higher and lower percentages indicate the job is proportionally more or less popular here.

Nevada Nationwide Stats

Top Three Positions Based Off Of Hiring

Job Title: Retail salespersons Waiters and waitresses Cashiers
Salary: $26843 $15173 $18880
# of Open Positions: 34910 34150 32170
Competition*: 0.9 1.7 1.1


Top Six Positions Based Off Of Salary

Job Title: Lawyers General and operations managers Financial managers
Salary: $102400 $101813 $83210
# of Open Positions: 3570 13690 3740
Competition*: 0.7 0.9 0.9
Job Title: Construction managers Managers Civil engineers
Salary: $77560 $75166 $71410
# of Open Positions: 2960 3960 2460
Competition*: 1.7 1.3 1.2

*Competition: = Unlike the Unique To Nevada table above, which shows where jobs in Nevada are unusually common compared to other states, the Nevada Nationwide Stats table lists jobs which are the most common in raw numbers in the state.