Finding Money for School

Featured Scholarships

ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship Option

Joining the ROTC? The U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for the education and training of highly qualified and motivated Regular Army Active Duty, enlisted Soldiers who desire to be commissioned as officers in the Army after graduation from college.

ABA Foundation Diversity Scholarship

The American Bus Association promotes academic excellence and diversity through its scholarship program to students who demonstrate character, leadership, and the potential to bring change and success to the travel and tourism industry.

Ways to Find Money for School

There are many ways to find money to pay for school.  The most obvious one is working and saving up money.  Some people have family or friends that help them pay for school.  Most students have to use a variety of sources of money to pay for school.  Below are several resources to help you get the financial help you need to handle the expenses of a secondary education.

How To Pay For College

If you’re reading this page, you’ve realized that college is expensive.  Education is still worth it.  You’ve also likely started considering getting a student loan. Avoid student loans at all costs!  The best loan is the loan you don’t have to pay.  Take the time to research your options.  Start by working a job and being diligent about saving up money.  Then start applying to lots of scholarships.  Scholarships come in many shapes and sizes.  When the time comes, apply for federal and state financial aid such as grants.