Miriam Scarborough Scholarship

This scholarship is open to women attending a Mississippi college or university, especially Cottey College.

Miriam Scarborough Scholarship

Award Amount - Unknown
Difficulty - Medium
Competition - Low


The PEO is an international women’s philanthropic organization that celebrates the advancements of women and educates women through scholarships, grants, and awards. The Miriam Scarborough Scholarship was established to honor Miriam Scarborough in 1973. Miriam Scarborough served as Mississippi State President PEO from 1970-1971. This scholarship is open to women attending a Mississippi college or university, especially Cottey College.

Available in the following states: Mississippi

Requirements snapshot: GPA Level, Level of education or amount of credits, Financial need based, Resume, Official Grade Transcript(s), ACT/SAT Score

Scholarship PIN: S00251
Submitted by: Katelyn

Award Amount     

The award amount for this scholarship is Unknown. Scholarship amount varies depending on number of applications and funds available each year


1. Mississippi resident and MS high school graduate.
2. Accepted by Cottey College or a college or university in Mississippi as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.
3. ACT score of 24 or higher or SAT combined score of 1100.
4. High school transcript should have a GPA of 2.5 (or higher) for 6 semesters on a 4 point grading system. 5. Leadership resume for grades 10-12 (include school, community and church activities).
6. A statement of financial need completed by parents (see attached form).
7. An itemized cost figure for the school year.
8. Applicants must submit a completed MSS application packet to their high school counselor no later than December 5th. Interested women should read through and application for more specific information needed from applicant.
9. The completed MSS application will be picked up by the localchapter MSS representative by December 15th .
10. Qualified applicants may be asked to attend an interview with the local P.E.O. MSS Committee. Scholarships will be announced in March/April.

Competition Level     

This scholarship earns a low competition rating. Scholarships with low competition are usually limited to students who live in a specific geographic area and/or specific group of students. We highly suggest you apply to this scholarship if you meet the requirements.


Current submission deadline: 12/15/2016

This scholarship becomes available each year. If you missed the deadline, check back for next year’s deadline.

How to Apply     

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