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ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship Option

Joining the ROTC? The U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for the education and training of highly qualified and motivated Regular Army Active Duty, enlisted Soldiers who desire to be commissioned as officers in the Army after graduation from college.

James Cothran KD3NI Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by The American Radio Relay League (ARRL), a noncommercial organisation of radio amateurs which operates within five pillars: Public Service, Advocacy, Education, Technology, and Membership.

Teaching Fellows Scholarship

In response to the shortage of teachers in South Carolina, SC General Assembly funded the Teaching Fellows Program with the mission to recruit talented high school seniors into the teaching profession.

Woodrow Wilson New Jersey Teaching Fellowship

In exchange for a commitment to teach for three years in high-need secondary urban or rural schools in New Jersey, the Woodrow Wilson New Jersey Teaching Fellowship provides financial assistance to college seniors, recent graduates and career changers in (STEM) science, technology, engineering, and math.

The Frank W. Ross Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2015 by author Jason Schmidt, the Frank W. Ross Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to self-identified LGBTQ and allied students who are living in poverty and have experienced housing insecurity, homelessness, or life within the foster care system.

Dunham-Kerley Scholarship

This scholarship was dedicated to LGBTQ students who have the courage to continue living their lives despite their disabilities and misfortunes.

Daniella Altfield-Moreno Scholarship

This scholarship is meant to provide support and financial assistance to LGBTQ women of color who aim to pursue degrees in dance, education, or women’s health and have a demonstrated history of activism and/or leadership in the LGBTQ community.

The Bendiner-Morgenson Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund provides financial assistance to LGBT and Straight Ally students pursuing a career in human services, health sciences, or visual arts in a hope to enable others to feel less isolated and better able to seek a productive and happy life both personally and professionally.
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