October 26, 2016

Friends of Alan Turing Scholarship

This particular scholarship is made for students wishing to study science, technology, engineering, or mathematics however various scholarships are available by this organization for various fields of study.

Horatio Alger Alaska Scholarship Program

This scholarship is offered by the Horatio Alger Alaska Scholarship Program. They value students who have exhibited determination, integrity, and perseverance in overcoming adversity and wish to aid them in their pursuit of their academic career.

DuPont/Delaware FFA Endowment Scholarship

The DuPont/Delaware FFA Endowment Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to students in the state of Delaware who are pursuing a four-year degree in agricultural education or agricultural sciences to help them pay for their education.

Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award

Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award was established for creativity writing to encourage emerging artists and each qualifying literary artist should providing their outstanding work based on the submission of an unpublished manuscript in-progress.

Clark County Housing Scholarship

The Clark Scholarship offered for graduates who attended high school of Clark County in the State of Nevada, for their first semester and must meet the UNLV academic admissions standards for consideration.

Provost’s Scholarship

Provost's Scholarship was established for freshmen students at University of Nevada, Las Vegas who meet the minimum academic requirements at the end of the semester. The award issued annually and the deadline on Nov.1 each year.